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Interesting New Cars under 16000 You Need to Consider

Are you currently looking for affordable, cheap new cars to buy? If you are, then this article definitely will be interesting for you. If your budget is under $20,000 these new cars under 17000 surely will tailor your needs. Even better, if you only will to spend less than $17,000, this article will cover the new cars under 16000 we recommend to you.
Let’s start from Ford Focus as one of new cars under 16000 you need to consider. If you do not hesitate to spend more than $16,000, the coupe lineup surely needs your consideration. However, if you only will to spend for new cars under 16000 dollars, the sedan model definitely is the right choice for you. Even though there are only minor updates made over the last decade, Ford Focus remains the popular choice for budget-minded buyers.Honda Civic 2015
If you are looking for affordable sedan that will cost you less than $16,000, Honda Civic is a perfect choice as one of new cars under 16000 you need to consider. The coupe model starts from about $15,000 and the starting price is slightly higher for sedan model. Alternatively, if you still will to spend only for sedan four-door sedans, what about Mitsubishi Lancer? Its starting price is even lower than Honda Civic, which ranges only around $14,500. However, if we speak about the most affordable sedan, we definitely cannot ditch Toyota Versa from our list. As we all know, Versa has been named as one of most affordable sedans in US market over these years.
What about pickup truck class? Well, we have Toyota Tacoma as one of new cars under 16000 you may want to consider if you seek both on- and off-road vehicle. Its starting price only starts slightly over $15,000 and this pickup truck has been renowned as top pick in term of safety from time to time. (Also read about: New Cars of 2015 You Will Be Thrilled to See)new Toyota Tacoma 2015
source: http://new2016carmodels.com
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